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1.   Q: What size greenhouse (in square meters) would one unit cover?

      A:  One unit covers 1,000 square meters. Sometimes one unit would cover a bigger

            Greenhouse – depending on the plants' mass and the structure of the greenhouse.

            Such decision will be made following consultation with the company's engineering



2.    Q: Is there a Registered Patent?

       A:  Yes. In various countries.


3.     Q: What are the basic requirements for operating the system?

        A:       - Electric current of 2.5 kW.

           - Water heater, supplying water at 850-900C so that the pump would deliver

   6 cubic meters of water at a pressure of 10 meters head of water.

                      Total of 40,000 kCal, stable, for each unit.


4.    Q: Why do I need hot water?

      A:  For regeneration (re-concentration) of the brine in order to maintain constant  

            concentration level of the brine.

            The VLHC also has an option of extra heating to maintain the greenhouse

            at the right temperature in mild climate areas.


  5.  Q: Can one central heater supply hot water, for regeneration of the brine, to several



       A: Yes, it's even more cost-effective. However, it is essential to match the heaters'

            capacity to the number of machines.



  6.  Q: What is the Extra heating?


       A: The Radiator in the main tower has three levels - the first two are for the

            the regeneration process.

            The upper level receives hot water, either directly from the greenhouse heating

            system (if there already is a heating system - In that case water temperature of 600C is

            enough), or from the heater connected to the system's regenerator (in this case water

            temperature of 850C is required).

            The extra heating is optional and is activated if the Temperature in the greenhouse is

            too low.




7.    Q: How high, above ambient temperature, can Agam's system alone keep the



       A: In a well-sealed greenhouse, equipped with a good thermal screen, Agam's system

            alone can keep the greenhouse 160C above ambient temperature.

            If the greenhouse is well-sealed but doesn't have a good thermal screen, the system

            can keep the greenhouse around 60C above ambient.


8. Q: How much condense water does the system extract from the greenhouse?


       A:  The system extracts between 15 and 20 liters of condense water an hour.


9.   Q: Can the system be placed along the passageway in the greenhouse?


      A:  Yes, we have a "Long model" of the system which can be placed along the



10.Q: Is it possible to place the system on a platform?


      A:  Yes, though it would be necessary to design the platform so that it doesn't interrupt

          greenhouse' activity. Please see the attached photo taken in a greenhouse in Italy.



 11.Q: Are there any problems of machine's lifetime?

      A:  Almost none, the parts are of very high quality, none of them is corrosive.

            For instance – the heat exchanger, which receives the hot water, is made of Titanium.

            Obviously the machine requires maintenance over the years and of course it

            might be necessary to replace worn out parts, as in any machine.


12.Q: Does the brine have to be changed?


     A: No. This is a closed-circle, highly reliable system.


13.Q: Is there leakage of saltiness from the system and into the greenhouse?


     A: No, and there is scientific evidence to prove it.


14.Q: Is there a connection between the humidity level and the machine's operation level?

           How does the grower control the machine's operation?


     A: Yes, there is a connection.

          The machine is equipped with a humidity/temperature sensor and a control unit.

          The grower sets the control unit with the target humidity / target Temperature and

          with max.  humidity and min. temp.  When these conditions appear – the system

          automatically starts working.


15.Q: Why is there a significant decrease of diseases?

     A: diseases, especially Botrytis, develop when humid conditions appear in the

         greenhouse, thus the need for dehumidification of the greenhouse.

         On top of that, 9,000 cubic meters of air/hour pass through the concentrated brine

        which dries about 80% of  the spores in the air, thus statistically reducing chances of

        disease by 80%.


  16.Q: Are there other reasons to reduce humidity?

       A: Yes. Humidity helps heat-transition to the outside, therefore there is greater heat loss

            when humidity is high and the walls and ceiling of the greenhouse are wet.


17.Q: Does company personnel attend the installation?

     A: If needed.  Company delegate/s attend the first installation in each country, to 

         supervise and  instruct the installation and future activation of the System.


    18.Q: Does the company apply quality control?

         A: Yes, a very meticulous one.


    Q: How many machines fit into a container?

    A: 3 machines in a 20ft container.

        6 machines in a 40ft container.

 20.Q: Why does Agam claim that its' technology is suitable for the traditional

            Chinese "Sun-shine greenhouses"?

      A: "Sun-shine greenhouses" is a successful, unique technology nevertheless; keeping the

           energy in a closed structure creates excess humidity which reduces the quality of the  


           One machine only, in every structure, would provide a good solution for both humidity

           removal and significant saving on heating expenses.

           Agam is well acquainted with the Chinese technology.